Order of Merit of the People's Republic of Hungary (Magyar Népközt ársaság Erdemrendje). Recieved its present form under Law No. 5 of 1953 and Legal Decree No. 35 of 1963. 1 class.

Order of the Flag of the Hungarian People's Republic (Magyar Népközt ársaság Zászlórendje). 3 degrees.

Order of Merit of the Red Flag of Work (Munka Vörös zászló Erdemrendje). 1 degree.

Order of the Red Flag (Vörös Zászló Erdemrend). 1 degree.

Order of Merit of Work (Munka Erdemrend). 1 degree.

Hungary's Order of Merit for Work (Magyar Munka Erdemrend). 3 degrees: gold, silver, bronze.

Order the Red Star (Vörös Csillag Erdemrned). 1 degree.

Order Merit for Special Services (Kivalo Szolgalatert Erdemerem). 1 degree.

Official Order of Merit (Kivalo Szolgalati Erdemerem). 1 degree.

See Also Austro-Hungarian Empire.