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Lt. Belmont’s A-2 Group

A WW II Army Air Force collection.

The front of Lt. Belmont’s A-2. This was assigned to Lt. Belmont when he began flight training in Eastern Washington near Pullman.

The lining of Lt. Belmont’s A-2.

The whistle and dogtag of Lt. Belmont’s A-2.

The Army Air Force photo-ID of Lt. Belmont.

Lt. Belmont’s training plane in flight over Eastern Washington.

Lt. Belmont and his aircraft (signed in lower left).

Inscription on the back of the photo of Belmont and his trainer plane.

Photo of Lt. Belmont’s instructors.

Inscription on the back of the instructor photo.

Lt. Belmont and his new fellow officers. Belmont is wearing this same A-2. Lt. Belmont is at the upper right.

Lt. Belmont’s flight engineer diploma from January 1945 just prior to his combat posting.

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