A list of major persons in the Habsburg dynasty with brief biographies and illustrations where possible.

Whereas all titles have been given in English, Christian names usually appear in German, but also French, Spanish, Italian etc. depending on the source (e.g. Albrecht rather than Albert, Karl rather than Charles). Before assuming that someone is not present in this list try all variants of the name -- Karl, Charles, Carolus, Carlos, etc. Brief thought was given to imposing a rational system on the names, but problems outweighed advantages. Place names have almost entirely been put into English unless the place is so small as to have no English equivalent.

Names and titles appearing in parentheses below the main names are nick names, aliases, titles and other such labels. Names in the text that appear in bold also have a listing here.

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Duchess of Modena, wife of Duke Franz V of Modena-Este.
Born 19/3/1823 in Wurzburg
Died 28/10/1914 in Wurzburg

(Maria Adelaida)
Queen of Sardinia-Piedmont, daughter of the Viceroy of Lombardy-Venetia Archduke Rainer Josef and Princess Elisabeth of Savoy-Carignan.
Born 3/6/1822 in Milan
Died 20/1/1855 in Milan

Oldest daughter of Emperor Emperor Karl and Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma
Born 3/1/1914 in Hetzendorf
Died 3/10/1971 in Pocking, Bavaria

Electress of Saxony, second daughter of King Rudolf I and his first wife Gertrude of Hohenberg and Haigerloh.
Born around 1257
Died 11/10/1322 in Wittenberg

Wife of Duke Rudolf II
Born in September 1269
Died 17/5/1297 in Prague

Queen of Burgundy, second wife of King Rudolf I
Born 1270
Died 1323 in Chambly

Duchess of Selisia, daughter of Duke Leopold I and Katharina of Savoy
Born unknown
Died 2/2/1392 in Schweidnitz

Queen of Hungary, oldest daughter of King Albrecht I and Elisabeth of Gorz-Tyrol
Born 1280
Died 11/6/1364 in Konigsfelden

Agnes Maria
Daughter of Grand DukeFerdinand IV of Tuscany and his second wife Princess Alice of Bourbon-Parma
Born 26/3/1891 in Salzburg
Died 4/10/1945 in Schwertberg, Upper Austria

Albert, see Albrecht.

Albrecht VII, Archduke of Austria
Nephew of Philip II King of Spain. Governor of Portugal from 1583 after the union of Portugal and Spain, and ruler of the Netherlands from 1598. Married the Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia.
Born -/-/1559
Died -/-/1621

Albrecht I
German King, King of the Romans, oldest son of Count and later King Rudolf I and Countess Gertrud of Hohenberg
Born 1255
Murdered 1/5/1308 near Brugg on the Reuss

Albrecht II
(the wise, the Lame)
Duke of Austria, son of King Albrecht I and Elisabeth of Gorz-Tyrol
Born 1298
Died 1358 in Vienna

Albrecht II
(also Duke Albercht V)
King, son of Duke Albrecht IV and Johanna Sophia of Bavaria-Straubing
Born 10/8/1397 in Vienna
Died 27/10/1439 in Neszmely

Albrecht III
(with the Braid)
Duke of Austria, third son of DukeAlbrecht II and Countess Johanna of Pfirt
Born between 18/11/1349 and 16/3/1350 in Burg zu Wien
Died29/8/1395 in Laxenburg Castle, Lower Austria

Albecht IV
(the Wonderful)
Duke, son of Duke Albrecht III and Beatrix of Zollern
Born 19/9/1377 in Vienna
Died 14/9/1404 in Kloeterneuburg

Albrecht VI
Duke, second son of Duke Ernst of Inner Austria and Cimburgis of Masovia
Born 18/12/1418 in Vienna
Died 2/12/1463 in Vienna

Oldest son of Archduke Karl and Princess Henriette of Nassau-Weilburg
Born 3/8/1817 in Vienna
Died 18/2/1895 in Arco

Only son of Archduke Friedrich and Princess Isabella of Croy-Dulmen. Used the alias of "Count Friedek".
Born 24/7/1897 in Weilburg Badmen
Died 23/7/1955 in Buenos Aires

Albrecht Salvator
Son of Archduke Karl Salvator and Princess Maria Immakulata of Bourbon and the Two Sicilies
Born 22/11/1871 in Altbunzlau, Bohemia
Died 27/2/1896 in Gries near Bozen

Alexander Leopold
Fourth son of EmperorLeopold II and InfantaMaria Ludovica of Bourbon-Spain
Born 14/8/1772 in Florence
Died 12/7.1795 in Laxenburg

Alexandra Pavlovna
Daughter of Emperor Paul I of Russia, first wife of the Archduke-Palatine Josef Anton
Born 9/8/1783 in St. Petersburg
Died 16/3/1801 in Buda

Born 1893, see Maria Alice

Alice Maria
Second wife of Grand Duke Ferdinand IV of Tuscany
Born 27/12/1849 in Parma
Died 16/1/1935 in Schwertberg, Upper Austria

See Karl Albrecht and Klemens Salvator.

Amalie Wilhelmine
Empress, wife of Emperor Josef I
Born 21/4/1673 in Luneburg
Died 10/4/1742 in Vienna

Since 1559 "of Austria", since 1578 Margrave of Burgau, Count of Nellenburg and Hohenberg. Son of Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria-Tyrol and Philippine Welser.
Born 15/6/1558
Died 12/11/1600 in the Apostolic Palace in Rome

Oldest daughter of King Albrecht I and Elisabeth of Gorz-Tyrol
Born in the later 1270s
Died March 1327

Duchess of Lower Bavaria, Daughter of Duke Friedrich I and Elisabeth of Aragon
Born 1318
Died 14/12/1343 in Vienna

Second wife of Duke Frierich IV of Austria-Tyrol
Born 1390 in Brunswick
Died 10/8/1432 in Innsbruck

Duchess of Saxony, oldest daughter of King Albrecht II and Elisabeth of Bohemia
Born 12/4/1432 in Vienna
Died 14/11/1462 in Eckhardsberg, Thuringia

Queen of Bohemia and Hungary, wife of Emperor Ferdinand I
Born 23/7/1503 in Prague
Died 27/1/1547 in Prague

Duchess of Bavaria, second daughter of Emperor Ferdinand I and Anna of Bohemia and Hungary
Born 7/7/1528 in Prague
Died 17/10/1590 in Munich

Of Austria, Queen of Spain, fourth wife of Philipp II, daughter of Emperor Maximilian II and the Infanta Maria
Born 2/11/1549 in Cigales near Valladolid
Died 26/10/1580 in Badajoz

Queen of Poland and Sweden, daughter of Karl II of Inner Austria and Maria of Bavaria
Born 16/8/1573 in Graz
Died 10/2/1598 in Warsaw

Of Tyrol, Empress, Wife of Emperor Matthias, daughter of Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol and his second wife Anna Katharina of Gonzaga-Mantua
Born 4/10/1585 in Innsbruck
Died 14-15/12/1618 in Vienna

(Anne d'Autriche)
Queen of France, daughter of King Philipp III of Spain and Archduchess Margarethe
Born 22/9/1601 in Madrid
Died 20/1/1666 in Paris

Of Medici, wife of Archduke Ferdinand Karl of Austria-Tyrol
Born 21/7/1616 in Florence
Died 11/9/1676 in Vienna

Anna Katharina
Of Gonzaga-Mantua, second wife of Archduke Ferdinand II
Born 17/1/1566 in Mantua
Died 3/8/1621 in Innsbruck

Anna Maria
First wife of the later Grand Duke Ferdinand IV of Tuscany
Born 4/1/1836 in Dresden
Died 10/2/1859 in Florence

Anna Maria Theresia
Princess of Hohenohe, daughter of Grand DukeFerdinand IV of Tuscany and his second wife Princess Alice of Parma
Born 17/10/1879 in Lindau
Died 30/5/1961 in Baden-Baden

Anna of Bavaria
See Katharina

Anna of Hohenberg
See Gertrud

Anna of Luxemburg
Second wife of Duke Otto (des Frohlichen)
Born March 1323
Died 3/9/1338

Anne, see Anna

Son of Archduke Leopold Salvator and Princess Blanka of Bourbon-Castile
Born 20/3/1901 in Vienna

Anton Viktor
Grand Master of the Teutonic Order (Hoch- und Deutsch-Meister), eighth son of the Emperor Leopold II and Princess Maria Ludovica of Bourbon-Spain
Born 31/8/1779 in Florence
Died 2/4/1835 in Vienna

Daughter of Archduke Leopold Salvator and Princess Blanka of Bourbon-Castile
Born 10/8/1902 in Vienna

Wife of the Grand DukeJosef August
Born 28/4/1875 in Munich
Died 25/6/1964 in Regensburg

Auguste Ferdinande
Second daughter of Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany and Princess Maria Anna of Saxony
Born 1/4/1825 in Florence
Died 26/4/1864 in Munich


Baltasar Carlos
Prince of the Asturias, son of King Philipp IV of Spain and Isabella of Bourbon
Born 17/10/1629 in Madrid
Died 9/3/1646 in Zaragoza

Duchess of Ferrara, eleventh child of Emperor Ferdinant I and Anna of Hungary
Born 30/4/1539 in Innsbruck
Died 19/9/1572 in Ferrara

Of Zollern, second wife of the Duke Albrecht III
Born 1360 in Nurnberg
Died 10/6/1414 in Perchtoldsdorf, Lower Austria

Bianca Maria Sforza
Queen, second wife of King Maximilian I
Born 5/4/1472 in Milan
Died 31/12/1510 in Innsbruck

Of France, first wife of Duke Rudolf III
Born around 1285 in Paris
Died 19/3/1305 in Vienna

Wife of the Grand Duke Leopold Salvator
Born 7/9/1868 in Graz
Died 25/10/1949 in Viareggio

Bona, Bonitas
See Guta

See Ferdinand Karl


Cacilia Renata
Queen of Poland, daughter of Emperor Ferdinand II and Maria of Bavaria
Born 16/7/1611 in Graz
Died 24/3/1644 in Vilna

Infante of Spain, son of King Philipp III and Archduchess Margarethe
Born 15/9/1607 in Madrid
Died 30/7/1632 in Madrid

Carlos de Austria
(Don Carlos)
Only child of King Philipp II and Infanta Maria of Portugal
Born 8/7/1545 in Valladolid
Died 24/7/1568

Empress of Mexico, wife of the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian whose foolish acceptance of the throne of Mexico led to his abandonment by the French, defeat and execution by the forces of Benito Juarez. Charlotte lost her sanity in the process and lived a long life obscessed by the memory of Maximillian.
Born 7/6/1840 in Laeken, Belgium
Died 19/1/1927 in Brussels

(Cymbarka, Cymburga)
Of Masovia, second wife of Duke Ernst "the Iron". From her the Habsburgs inherited the famous "Habsburg jaw", although its ultimate origins remain obscure.
Born between 1394-1397 in Warsaw
Died 28/9/1429 in Turnitz near Lilienfeld

Of Medici, wife of the Archduke Leopold V of Austria-Tyrol
Born 4/6/1604 in Florence
Died 25/12/1648 in Innsbruck

Claudia Felicitas
Empress, second wife of Emperor Leopold, daughter of Archduke Ferdinand Karl and Anna of Medici
Born 30/5/1653 in Innsbruck
Died 8/4/1676 in Vienna

Queen of Hungary, daughter of King Rudolf I and his first wife Gertrud of Hohenberg
Birth unknown
Died after 7/2/1293 in Naples

("of Austria")
Son of Emperor Maximilian I and a lady from Salzburg
Born September 1507 in Salzburg
Death unknown


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