La Confrérie Amicale de la Toison d'Or is an association of those interested in the Order of the Golden Fleece, working to preserve its history and further the aims of the Order in bringing the peoples of mankind together for the common good. For Duke Phillip it symbolised the union of Flanders and Burgundy and the rebirth of the central Lotharingian kingdom of Charlemagne's descendants. The Habsburg heirs of Burgundy continued the union of an empire of many peoples spanning the world, with the Golden Fleece as the highest reward for piety, service and loyalty to principles wider than individual gain.

We especially honor the following of those ideals by Archduke Karl of Habsburg and His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain, the current heads of the two branches of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Through their efforts the Golden Fleece remains the symbol for the highest service of mankind through a life of selfless duty.

The Confrérie Amicale de la Toison d'Or is open to any person deeply interested in the order and desirous of furthering its aims and principles. It is organized as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Washington in the United States.

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A spectacular find, pictured above, was made some 40 years ago in Gelderland in the Netherlands of a highest quality golden fleece while some students were having a picnic next to some ruins. Much research shows it was owned by a member of the powerful Egmond family in the early to mid 1500s, as it was found in Egmond territory. We have extensively researched it and are gathering photos and information that can be seen on the Aldenhaag Fleece pages. The Drents Museum in the Netherlands has assisted our work and has discovered much important new information, including the location of the find and the original owners of the fleece. The fleece will be on display in a show at the Drents Museum from March 6 to August 15, 2010, with a collection of gold from the ancient Colchis, home of the original Golden Fleece. The show was just extended for two months to August 15 due to its great popularity, drawing some 6,000 visitors a week.

Every year the Drents Museum in Assen has a festival where they show historical costume of the Netherlands, complete with the Golden Fleece for the Renaissance men. This year (2010) it is from 2-9 May. You may see their listing of the Historische Kostuumshow on their Activities Page. One of the participants in this year’s show is seen at the right. He is wearing a reproduction Golden Fleece that seems very similar to the standing ram variety made in this area in the 17th century, but the ribbon should be red.

The famous and essential Insignie Orden book has appeared in one last copy, recently found by the book’s distributor Meijering Art Books (and this name link will take you directly to the ABE Books listing). The euro is weak now and the price reflects that. Michael of Meijering Art Books told me he would be very agreeable with any Confrérie member who wished it, but that there are now no more new copies after this one sells. Samples of the book can be seen at our Insignie Orden page.

Other things the Confrérie has done can be seen at the Recent Activities page.

History of the Order

A brief history of the Order and the origins of its symbols.

Insignia of the Order

Pictures and descriptions of the collars, bijous, miniatures and other insiginia of the order.

Knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece

A complete list of all of the knights who were awarded the order of the Golden Fleece -- Burgundian, Austrian and Spanish.

Knights of the Order Appointed by Joseph Bonaparte

A complete list of the six knights who were awarded the order of the Golden Fleece by King Joseph.

Knights of the Order Appointed by Carlist Pretenders

A complete list of all of the knights who were awarded the order of the Golden Fleece by the six Carlist pretenders to the throne.

The Schwarzenbergs & the Golden Fleece

A brief, illustrated history of the important Schwartzenberg family from Bohemia, members of the Order since 1627.

A Brief Note on the “Habsburg Chin”

An introduction to the history of the famous Habsburg genetic aberation, by member John Sipple.

Medals, Orders & Decorations

A site of historical objects where period orders and medals can be found, including Golden Fleece bijous.

The Most Illustrious Order of the Golden Fleece

An account of the early (Burgundian & Habsburg) history of the order by Guy Stair Sainty with much useful detail. An essential reference. His pages on the Spanish Fleece and the Austrian Fleece are equally good, but his internal navigation links are often old and unreliable.

Wearing of the Golden Fleece on Armor in the 16th Century

An illustrated monograph of the solutions to wearing the collar of the order with armor. Based on the Real Armería collection in Madrid that was willed by Philip II to the nation.

La Insigne Orden Del Toisón De Oro

A review and some sample pages and art from this magnificent reference book.


His Majesty King Juan Carlos

The official website of His Majesty Juan Carlos of Spain.

Otto Von Habsburg

The personal website of Archduke Otto von Habsburg.

Hungarian Historical Archive

Center for Austrian Studies

Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire

Habsburg Biographies

Schönbrunn Palace Home Page

The Société Napoléonienne

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