A list of major persons in the Habsburg dynasty with brief biographies and illustrations where possible.

Whereas all titles have been given in English, Christian names usually appear in German, but also French, Spanish, Italian etc. depending on the source (e.g. Albrecht rather than Albert, Karl rather than Charles). Before assuming that someone is not present in this list try all variants of the name -- Karl, Charles, Carolus, Carlos, etc. Brief thought was given to imposing a rational system on the names, but problems outweighed advantages. Place names have almost entirely been put into English unless the place is so small as to have no English equivalent.

Names and titles appearing in parentheses below the main names are nick names, aliases, titles and other such labels. Names in the text that appear in bold also have a listing here.

A list of family members of the current head of the dynasty will be found on the Habsburg Family page.

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See Johann Salvator

(der Frohliche)
Duchess of Austria, Steiermark, and Karnten, youngest son of King Albrecht I and Elisabeth of Gorz-Tyrol
Died 1301 in Vienne
Died 16/2/1339 On the journey from Graz to Vienna

Oldest son of Emperor Karl I and Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma
Born 20/11/1912 in Reichenau, Lower Austria
lebt seit 1954 in Pocking, Bavaria

Otto Franz Josef
Second son of Archduke Karl Ludwig and Princess Maria Annunziata of Bourbon and the Two Sicilies
Born 21/4/1865 in Graz
Died 1/11/1906 in Vienna


Peter Ferdinand Salvator
Second son of Grand Duke Ferdinand IV and Princess Alice of Bourbon-Parma
Born 12/5/1874 in Salzburg
Died 8/11/1948 in St. Gilgen

Philipp II
(Felipe II, The Wise/The Prudent)
King of Spain and Portugal (as Philipp I), son of Emperor Karl V and Isabella of Portugal
Born 21/5/1527 in Valladolid
Died 13/9/1598 in The Escorial

Philipp III
(der Fromme)
King of Spain and Portugal (as Filipe II), son of King Philipp II and his fourth wife Anna of Austria
Born 14/4/1578 in Madrid
Died 31/3/1621 in Madrid

Philipp IV
(the Fat, the Planet King)
King of Spain and Portugal (as Filipe III), son of King Philipp III and Margarethe of Austria
Born 8/4/1605 in Valladolid
Died 17/9/1665 in Madrid

(The Fair)
Ruler in the Netherlands since 1493-94 and King Consort of Castille since 1506. Eldest son of Emperor Maximillian I and Mary of Burgundy.
Born 22/6/1478 in Bruges
Died 26/9/1506 in Burgos

Philipp Prosper
(Felipe Prospero)
Infante and Heir of Spain, oldest son of King Philipp IV and Maria Anna
Born 5/12/1657 in Madrid
Died 1/11/1661 in Madrid



Rainer Ferdinand
(Rainer the Younger)
Son of the Viceroy of Lombardy-VenetiaRainer Josef and Princess Maria Elisabeth of Savoy
Born 11/1/1827 in Milan
Died 27/1/1913 in Vienna

Rainer Josef
(Rainer the Elder)
Viceroy of Lombardy-Venetia, fourteenth child of Emperor Leopold II and Princess Maria Ludovica of Bourbon-Spain
Born 30/9/1783 in Pisa
Died 16/1/1853 in Bozen

Rainer Karl
Fourth son of Archduke Leopold Salvator and Princess Blanka of Bourbon-Castile
Born 21/11/1895 in Agram (Zagreb, Croatia)
Died 25/5/1930 in Vienna

Renata Maria Second daughter of Archduke Karl Stefan and Archduchess Maria Theresia
Born 2/1/1888 in Pola
Died 16/5/1935 in Balice Castle, Poland

Of Austria-Este, second son of Emperor Karl I and Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma
Born 8/2/1915

Duchess of Wurttemberg, daughter of Archduke Peter Ferdinand and Princess Maria Christina of Bourbon and the Two Sicilies
Born 22/9/1906 in Parsh near Salzburg
Died 17/9/1983 in Friedrichshafen

Rudolf I
Roman and German King, oledest son of Count Albrecht IV of Habsburg and Heilwig of Kiburg
Born 1/5/1218
Died 15/7/1291 in Speyer

Rudolf II
Duke, son of King Rudolf I and Gertrud of Hohenberg
Born 1270
Died 10/5/1290 in Prague

Rudolf II
Emperor, oldest son of Maximilian II and Infanta Maria
Born 18/7/1552 in Vienna
Died 20/1/1612 in Prague

Rudolf III
Duke of Austria and Styria, King of Bohemia and Poland, oldest son of King Albrecht I and Elisabeth of Gorz-Tyrol
Born 1281
Died 3 or 4/7/1307 in Horazd'ovice (on the Otava, Mottawa)

Rudolf IV
(der Stifter)
Oldest son of Duke Albrecht II and Johanna of Pfirt
Born 1/11/1339 in Vienna
Died 27/7/1365 in Milan

Crown Prince, only son of Emperor Fanz Joseph and Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria
Born 21/8/1858 in Laxenburg by Vienna
Died 30/1/1889 in Mayerling

Rudolf Johann Josef Rainer
Cardinal-Archbishop of Olmutz, youngest son of Emperor Leopold II and Princess Maria Ludovica of Bourbon-Spain
Born 8/1/1788 in Florence
Died 24/7/1831 in Baden by Vienna


Third son of Viceroy of Lombardy-Venetia, Rainer Josef and Princess Elisabeth of Savoy-Carignan
Born 7/2/1836 in Milan
Died 15/12/1891

(der Munzreiche)
Duke, since 1477, Archduke of Austria-Tyrol, only son of Duke Friedrich IV of Austria-Tyrol and Anna of Brunswick
Born 26/10/1427 in Innsbruck
Died 4/3/1496 in Innsbruck

Sigmund Franz
Archduke of Austria-Tyrol, son of Leopold V and Claudia of Medici
Born 27/11/1630 in Innsbruck
Died 25/6/1665 in Innsbruck

Wife of Archduke Franz Karl and Mother of Emperor Franz Joseph
Born 27/1/1805 in Munich
Died 28/5/1872 in Vienna

Sophie Augusta
Daughter of Archduke Josef August and Princess Auguste of Bavaria
Born 11/3/1899 in Volosca
Died 19/4/1978 in Innsbruck

Stefan Viktor
First son of Archduke-Palatine Josef Anton and Princess Hermine of Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym
Born 14/9/1817 in Ofen (Buda)
Died 19/2/1867 in Menton near Nice

Wife of Crown Prince Rudolf
Born 21/5/1864 in Leaken Castle near Brussels
Died 23/8/1945 in Benedictine service, Pannonhalma, Hungary


Theodor Salvator
Son of Archduke Franz Salvator and Archduchess Maria Valerie
Born 9/10/1899 at Wallsee Castle, Lower Austria
Died 8/4/1978 in Amstetten

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