The Société Napoléonienne
The Société Napoléonienne was founded in 1957 to promote understanding the role of the Napoleonic period in history and its importance in forming the modern world. The Société is especially interested in the military history of Europe during this period. The members are encouraged to research and publish articles increasing the store of human knowledge, and to collect and preserve art and artifacts of significance. Any questions or contributions should be address to the secretary of the société.

Articles Published by the Société

 The Lithuanian Tartars of the Guard

By John Beresford Welsh
A history of the raising and campaigns of the Lithuanian Tartars of the Guard during their brief existance from 1812-1814.

 The Austrian Corps in Russia in 1812

By Stephen Herold
A preliminary study of the composition and activities of the Austrian Corps of the Grande Armée.

 Wargames of the Napoleonic Period

By John Beresford Welsh
A description of the reenactment wargames created by members of the société using their extensive colection of hand painted "flats". Flats are the original "tin soldiers" invented in Germany over four hundred years ago and are cast in hand-engraved slate moulds. Some of the moulds in use today are centuries old, and the figures, usually around 30 mm. high, are of exquisite detail.

 Austrian Orders and Medals of the Napoleonic Period

By Stephen Herold
A list and description of the various orders, medals, decorations and signs of honor issued by Francis I (II) of Austria between 1792 and 1816. Where possible they will be illustrated.

 Wearing Order of Precedence of Austrian Orders and Medals

A list and description of the order in which Austrian subjects should wear orders and medals to which they were entitled. This is the final, 1918 list.

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Also of interest is our associated organization La Confrérie Amicale de la Toison d'Or which is dedicated to the history of the Order of the Golden Fleece and the Habsburg monarchy.

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