Lituanian Tartar Uniforms & Accoutrements

This print of a Lithuanian Tartar is based on Knotel. It is done in a romantic nineteenth century style but is nevertheless reasonably accurate. This print represents the glorious, action-filled life of the soldier that was used to recruit young men to a life or work, boredom and (usually) an early death. The horses have that wild galop that clears the ground ready for takeoff, something done by horses only in art.

On the left are the uniform and furnishings of an officer of the Lituanian Tartars, and on the right those of an enlisted man.

This print shows the Tartars in action in the winter, the season they campaigned in most during their brief existence. The uniforms are a melange of styles but give a pretty good feel for the colorful effect Napoleonic uniforms gave in the field.

The sabre of an officer of the Lithuanian Tartars of the Guard from the collection of the author. Nearly unique, this sabre shows the high level of craftmanship found in the goods of an officer. Even on the distant fringes of the Empire decoration and ostentation were essential.

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