The First Presentation of the Victoria Cross

On Friday, June 26th, 1857 Queen Victoria distributed the first Victoria Crosses at Hyde Park. On parade were a large body of troops under Sir Colin Campbell, comprised of Life Guards, Dragoons, Hussars, Royal Engineers, Artillery and Line Regiments, together with a detachment of Bluejackets from the Royal Navy. Just before ten o'clock in the morning, following a royal salute from the artillery, her Majesty, the Prince Consort, the Crown Prince of Prussia, the Prince of Wales and the Queen's son Prince Alfred (Duke of Saxe-Coberg-Gotha) rode into the park and took places near the dais prepared for them. The Victoria Crosses lay upon a small table covered with scarlet cloth. The 62 recipients stood at ease some distance off and came forward one at a time as Lord Panmure, Secretary for War, read their names. Of note is Lieutenant Lucas, R.N. who was the first man to be gazetted for the Victoria Cross.The presentation of the crosses was followed by a military review and the proceedings were finished.

The recipients are listed below in the order in which they received the award from the Queen that day. Note that the Navy and Royal Marines had their awards presented in order of rank, while the Army had their Crosses presented in order of regimental precedence.

Name Rank Unit
Raby, H.J. Commander  
Bythesea, J. Comander  
Burgoyne, H.T. Commander  
Lucas, C.D. Lieutenant  
Hewett, W.N.W. Lieutenant  
Robarts, J. Gunner  
Kellaway, J. Boatswain  
Cooper, H. Boatswain  
Trewavas, J. Seaman  
Reeves, T. Seaman  
Curtis, H. Boatswain's Mate  
Ingouville, G. Captain of Mast  

Dowell, G.D Lieutenant  
Wilkinson, T. Bombadier  

Grieve, J. Sergeant-Major 2nd Dragoons
Parkes, S. Private 4th Lt. Dragoons
Dunn, A.R. Lieutenant 11th Hussars
Berryman, J. Troop Sergt.-Major 17th Lancers
Dickson, C. Colonel Royal Artillery
Henry, A. Captain Royal Artillery
Davis, G. Captain Royal Artillery
Cambridge, D. Sergeant Royal Artillery
Arthur, T. Gunner & Driver Royal Artillery
Graham, G. Lieutenant Royal Engineers
Ross, J. Corporal Royal Engineers
Lendrim, W.J. Corporal Royal Engineer
Perie, J. Sapper Royal Engineers
Percy, Hon. H.H.M. Colonel Grenedier Guards
Russell, Sir. C. Bart. Brevet-Major Grenadier Guards
Ablett, A. Sergeant Grenadier Guards
Palmer, A. Private Grenadier Guards
Goodlake, G.L. Brevet Major Coldstream Guards
Conolly, J.A. Brevet-Major Coldstream Guards (late 49th Foot)
Strong, G. Private Coldstream Guards
Lindsay, R.J. Brevet-Major Scots Fusilier Guards
McKechnie, J. Sergeant Scots Fusilier Guards
Reynolds, W. Private Scots Fusilier Guards
Grady, T. Private 4th Foot
Hope, W. Lieutenant 7th Royal Fusiliers
Hale, T.E. Assist. Surg. 7th Royal Fusiliers
Hughes, M. Private 7th Royal Fusiliers
Norman, W. Private 7th Royal Fusiliers
Moynihan, A. Ensign 8th Foot
Evans, S. Private 19th Foot
Lyons, J. Private 19th Foot
O'Connor, L. Lieutenant 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Shields, R. Corporal 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Coffey, W. Private 34th Foot
Sims, J.J. Private 34th Foot
McWheeney, W. Sergeant 44th Foot
Walters, G. Sergeant 49th Foot
Owens, J. Corporal 49th Foot
Lumley, C.H. Brevet-Major 97th Foot
Coleman, J. Sergeant 97th Foot
Clifford, Hon. H.H. Brevet-Major Rifle Brigade
Wheatley, F. Private Rifle Brigade
Cunninghame, W.J.M. Captain Rifle brigade
Knox, J.S. Lieutenant Rifle Brigade (Late Serg.Scots Fus. Guards)
McGregor, R. Private Rifle Brigade
Humpston, R. Private Rifle Brigade
Bradshaw, J. Private Rifle Brigade
Bourchier, C.T. Brevet-Major Rifle Brigade


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