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Artists of Historical Note

Vincent Van Gogh
Another WebMuseum site that has far more paintings than any other.

About 20 of the artist's works.

Contemporary Artists

Art Gallery of the Swiss Painter Benno Walliser
"This Internet Gallery gives you an insight into the creativity of the Swiss Painter Benno Walliser, a modest, calm artist with a great deal of talent."

Art of Salvatore Ventura
This unusual site provides public access to the most comprehensive resources available on the artist Salvatore Ventura and his monumental watercolor paintings relating to architecture.

Graffiti Wall Art by Michael Tracy
Michael Tracy, aka TRACY168, one of the original creators of the art form called "graffiti," studied at the institute of Higher Learning, better known as the Lexington I.R.T. His canvas was the subway car and his palette various cans of spray paint.

The Realm of Art
Artist Robert Toth offers his catalog of his original designs of fine art, collectables, gifts and promotional incentives for sale. He can provide distinct designs upon customer request.

Villa Delirium Delft Works
Delft paintings & other work by Charles Krafft.

Art of Maria Kazanskaya
Colorful, painterly landscapes, still lifes and other oil paintings by Russian artist living in the US.

Murphy Ties
The Murphy Company designs, produces, and markets hand-dyed silk neckties. Unusual silks are imported, and designs are created by both partners, Michael and Michelle Murphy, a father and daughter team.

Portraits and hand-painted copies of old masters.

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