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Who specialise in doing performance art pieces that are meant to enlighten about ads.
Download a commercial — I mean an uncommercial.

FADO Performance Inc.
A non-profit artist-run centre for performance art based in Toronto, Canada

Live Art Archive
The best in performance art in Europe. This includes a search engine where you can find anyone.

The Pedestrian Project
is an ongoing performance work founded in 1990. Performers dressed in costumes inspired by pedestrian crossing signs appear in public locations for impromptu performances as well as completely choreographed works for specific locations. The works are a blend of social commentary and visual poetry, hysterical with serious undertones. The project is the work of artist Yvette Helin. [May be defunct.]

The Living Room
A collaborative space for artists interested in experimental music, new artistic ideas and multimedia performance art. Sponsored by the Randy Hostetler Living Room Fund.

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