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The first photograph ever taken, a heliograph by Niepce.

Photography History

The History of Photography by Rober Leggat
A brilliantly researched comprehensive guide to photography's history.

The California Museum of Photograhy
Includes a collection of Stereographs in English and Francais.

A timeline of photography and film.
Presented by the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.


Center for Creative Photography
Started by Ansel Adams among others, an interesting selection of photographs. [May be defunct.]

Ashbaugh Photography
One of the leading photographers of the Pacific Northwest.

National Press Photographers Association Page


Digital Photograph Gallery
Photos manipulated digitally. Includes technical explanations and artists statements.

Artn Laboratory
"The (art)n group collaborates with outside artists and scientists to create works which place the most current issues in art, science, and technology into the public sphere. The group is interested in pushing the boundaries of art in terms of both concept and art making practice - meaning the implementation of new technologies into the studio"
"The stock images, film and photo archives listed provide a creative source for television producers, advertising agencies, libraries, education centres, picture researchers and media services researching visual communications. The photographic library and archival resource contains national and private photographic collections."

Currents in Photography

Art In Motion's Photo of the Week
Updated weekly. Anyone can submit photos.

Black and White Photography Page
Featuring the top ten black and white sites.

Los Angeles Photo Journal


The Penultimate Pinhole Photography Page
History, images, cameras, formulas and all about pinhole cameras including how to make one.

Fargo: A gateway to Camera Repair
All the camera repair links one could ever want.

The Lighting Research Center
Free info about lighting.


Sight Magazine

An on-line photography magazine.


Everything else

The Yahoo Photography section


Yahoo's List of Stock Photography

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