Complied and edited by Stephen Herold

A list of major persons in the Habsburg dynasty with brief biographies and illustrations where possible.

Whereas all titles have been given in English, Christian names usually appear in German, but also French, Spanish, Italian etc. depending on the source (e.g. Albrecht rather than Albert, Karl rather than Charles). Before assuming that someone is not present in this list try all variants of the name -- Karl, Charles, Carolus, Carlos, etc. Brief thought was given to imposing a rational system on the names, but problems outweighed advantages. Place names have almost entirely been put into English unless the place is so small as to have no English equivalent.

Names and titles appearing in parentheses below the main names are nicknames, aliases, titles and other such labels. Names in the text that appear in bold also have a listing here.

A list of family members of the current head of the dynasty will be found on the Habsburg Family page.

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The Habsburg family gathered for the 90th birthday of Empress Zita in 1982.

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