Aldenhaag Fleece Bibliography



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By Stephen Herold:

Dick van Duijn — basic story of the finding of the fleece by his brother, biographical material on Willem van Duijin and his friends, story of the cleaning of the fleece.

Dr. Theo Broersen — email discussion on evidence about Claes Vijgh, Thedinghsweert and Aldenhaag. Viewpoints on the true find spot and original owner of the fleece.

By Vincent van Vilsteren:

Dick van Duijn — further details on the finding of the fleece, contacts with Willem’s friends

Friends of Willem van Duijn — details about their walks, where they went and ate lunch and where the fleece could have come from.

Jan Kuys— historian at the University of Nijmegen and editor of the De Tielse Kronijck, on Claus Vijgh and the accuracy of De Tielse Kronijck.

H.P.J.E. Merkelbach, details on Thedingsweert and Tiel.

Mrs. Mary Rijkenberg— currently lives in the manor house at Thedingsweert, questions about its history


These are too numerous to list, and some have already vanished from the web, but we give a general list of important sources. Many are, of course, in Dutch. Genealogy lists abound on the internet, and Claes Vijgh and his family appear in many Dutch, and some other, lists, often with tidbits of information not found elsewhere. These geneaology sites must be used with care and cross checking as errors in names and dates are common.

Google searches for "Nicolaas Vijgh", "Claes Vijgh", the various van Egmonds, the places associated with the fleece, etc. Also Lycos and Wikipedia searches.

Vijgh and the Calvanists Short biography of Claes Vijgh and the story of the Spanish raid at Zoelen.

De Hoge Heerlijkheid IJzendoorn Numerous official notes of Claes Vijgh, the van Rossems and the Piecks from ancient Netherlands documents and records.

Kastelen in Nederland The Castle Soelen information page at the site on Netherland castles.

De Historie van Kasteel Soelen History of Soelen castle, heavily illustrated.

Tedís Tokens Page 5 discusses the Golden Fleece in England and its use on tokens there.

Medieval Guilds A fine article on the online encyclopedia by Gary Richardson of the University of California, Irvine. Succinctly describes Roman guilds, their Medieval revival and Renaissance decline.

Theoi Greek Mythology A rich and useful collection of texts, art and references on Greek mythology.

Trade Guilds of the Latter Roman Empire: The Social & Economic Conditions of the Members of the Collegia From Constantine to Theidosius II
by Freda Utley (MA Thesis at the London School of Economics, 1925). A well researched and well written thesis that explores the real condition and function of the guilds at the end of the Roman Empire in the west. Essential for understanding the guilds.

Introduction To The Aldenhaag Fleece

I. The Aldenhaag Fleece

II. The Hamlets of Thedinghsweert & Zoelen-Aldenhaag

III. The van Egmonds, Claes Vijgh & The Golden Fleece

IV. The Standing Ram Fleece & Charles V

V. Documentation & Photos

     VB. Documentation & Photos II

Appendix 1. The Standing Ram Fleece As Seen in the Insignie Orden Book & Other Catalogs

Appendix 2. Other Scholars Look At the Aldenhaag Fleece

Appendix 3. Greek & Roman Mythology of the Golden Fleece

     3B. Classical Texts That Mention the Golden Fleece

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